1.3" Realistic Caddis Fly Larvae (6 Pack)

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Introducing the Stream Weaver, a 1.3" soft plastic Caddis Fly Larvae meticulously encased in authentic stream pebbles. Crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, the Stream Weaver is the epitome of lifelike realism, designed to entice even the most discerning fish. With its natural appearance and irresistible movement, this lure brings the art of fishing to a new level, ensuring an unforgettable angling experience every time.

Hook Recommendation

These pair perfectly with our size 8-12 hooks or our Micro EWG Size 8 Hooks

No need to add a sinker, for obvious reasons.

Appalachian Back Story:

In the quiet hollows of the Appalachian mountains, there lived a crafty caddis larvae known as the Stream Weaver. This little critter, with its shimmering coat and swift movements, was the envy of the creek, for it could spin the finest of homes from pebbles and twigs. But the Stream Weaver was more than a master builder; it was a cunning hunter. Using its silky threads, it wove a mesmerizing dance, luring unsuspecting fish into its pebble traps. The tale of the Stream Weaver spread through the whispering pines, a cautionary reminder to those who tread too close to the water's edge, for in the heart of the creek, the cleverest of traps lay waiting.

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