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Creek Life Lure Co.

Creek Life Barbless Tungsten Bead Jig Heads

Creek Life Barbless Tungsten Bead Jig Heads

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Introducing the Creek Life Barbless Tungsten Bead Jig Heads – precision-crafted for the ultimate angling experience. Designed to seamlessly complement Creek Life baits, these jigs come in two weights, 1/32oz and 1/64oz, both featuring Tungsten beads for enhanced sensitivity and a perfect fit.

The carefully chosen Barbless Hooks in sizes 8-12 ensure not only a secure hold but also contribute to the well-being of the fish. The barbless design minimizes damage, allowing for a quick and stress-free release, promoting a healthier fish population.

**Product Specs:**
- Pack Size: 3
- Hook Size: 8-10
- Material: Tungsten Alloy containing less than 3% lead

**Catch these fish & more!**
- Sunfish
- Trout
- Bass
- Crappie
- And MORE!

Whether you're chasing the flash of a Sunfish or the thrill of landing a Bass, Creek Life Barbless Tungsten Bead Jig Heads are your reliable companions on the water. Elevate your angling game and embrace the Creek Life – where precision meets passion.

Customer Reviews

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Stanley Miller
Easy Release

Lets be honest, we are looking to catch small fish with these. Quick Maths... small fish=small mouths and no barb=easy release, so by Pythagorean theory, barbless+small fish=better for all


The best 1/32oz hooks I’ve used I do a lot of creek fishing and these are amazing! Definitely will be buying more!

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