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Creek Life Lure Co.

Creek Life 1.5" Sinking Jerk Bait "The MOON Shiner"

Creek Life 1.5" Sinking Jerk Bait "The MOON Shiner"

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Introducing "The MOON Shiner," a 1.5" hard sinking jerk bait weighing in at 3.2g that'll light up your fishing game like a full moon over the Appalachian hills. This little rascal's crafted to mimic the silvery flash of a minnow dartin' through the water, temptin' even the wariest fish outta their hidin' spots.

With its rugged build and lifelike action, "The MOON Shiner" dives deep and swims true, perfect for those long days fishin' in the creek or the big ol' river. Whether you're after trout, bass, or anythin' in between, this bait's got the charm to bring 'em in. 


I usually cast them upstream, let them sink for a second or two depending on the depth, then pop them two or three times in a straight upward motion to keep them off the bottom. However, you can fish them in various ways. You can try vertical jigging, slow or fast straight retrieval, quick side jerks, reel and pause, and more.

So, grab yourself "The MOON Shiner," and let it work its magic under the moonlit waters of Appalachia. It's more than just a lure; it's a piece of mountain tradition, ready to help you reel in the big ones. Happy fishin', y'all!

Customer Reviews

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Works great, runs true

Kenneth Bush
Jerk bait

Caught 2 little bm bass out of a farm pond right off the bat, seems like it's going to be a good producer.

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