Jar of 0.5" Half Inch Micro Beetle "Toe Biter"

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Introducing the "Toe Biter" – a game-changer in micro fishing! Crafted to perfection, these half-inch micro beetle soft plastics mimic water beetles with uncanny accuracy. Designed for size 14 and smaller hooks, this pack of 8 durable, floating baits opens up a world of possibilities.

Expertly designed to replicate small water beetles, the "Toe Biter" lures boast micro precision to attract a wide variety of fish, especially micro species.

Tailored for size 14 and smaller hooks, these baits offer versatile compatibility, ensuring you're ready for diverse fishing scenarios.

Crafted from a durable floating plastic, the "Toe Biter" ensures long-lasting performance, staying afloat and enticing bites from even the most elusive underwater inhabitants. Upgrade your micro fishing game with the "Toe Biter" and redefine what's possible in the world of small-scale angling!

With a user-friendly design, rigging the Toe Biter is a breeze, allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time fussing with your gear. "The Toe Biter" works well with size 14 hooks or smaller with a split shot, under a float, weightless, or drop shot.

Appalachian Backstory:

In the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, nestled among the rolling hills, there was a creek known to the locals as "Toe Biter's Creek." The name was no accident, for the creek was home to a legendary water beetle known as "Toe Biter."

This beetle was like no other, known for its tiny size but voracious appetite. It earned its name from the stories told by generations of mountain folk who had ventured to the creek. They spoke of the Toe Biter's uncanny ability to nibble at the toes of those who dared to dip their feet into the water.

While the tales of the Toe Biter were often spoken with a hint of fear, they also carried a sense of reverence. Locals believed that this unique creature held a special place in the ecosystem of the creek, helping to keep it balanced and thriving. The Toe Biter served as a reminder of the mysteries and wonders of the Appalachian wilderness, where even the smallest creatures could become legends in their own right.