Creek Life Barbless Tungsten Bead Jig Head Sample Box

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Introducing the Creek Life Barbless Tungsten Bead Jig Heads, precision-engineered to perfectly complement Creek Life baits. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these jigs boast 1/32oz and 1/64oz Tungsten beads paired with size 8-12 Barbless Hooks, ensuring optimal performance on the water.

Designed with versatility in mind, these jig heads cater to a wide range of fishing scenarios, allowing you to target species ranging from lively Shiners to robust Bass. The innovative barbless design not only simplifies the unhooking process but also promotes the overall health of the fish by minimizing injury and stress.

Our Sample Box offers a comprehensive experience, featuring 18 Tungsten Bead Jig Heads, each showcasing a different color and size. This diverse selection empowers anglers with the flexibility to adapt to various fishing conditions, maximizing their chances of success.

Product Specs:
- Pack Size: 18
- Hook Size: 8-12
- Material: Tungsten Alloy containing <3% lead

Catch a variety of fish with ease, including:
- Sunfish
- Trout
- Bass
- Crappie
- And MORE!