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Optic Cable Hand Carved Micro Fishing Rod

Optic Cable Hand Carved Micro Fishing Rod

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What you get:

   •  4' Foot Hand made fiber optic rod

   • Hand carved wood handle of your choice with reel seat

   • Hand carved wooden hand spool


Introducing our exclusive handcrafted micro fishing rods, a testament to the artistry and tradition of Indonesian fishing. Each rod, meticulously crafted in a small fishing village, comes with a 4-foot fiber optic rod, a wooden handle handmade with care and equipped with a reel seat, and a beautifully carved wooden hand spool for a truly authentic Indonesian fishing experience.

Watch the magic unfold as we showcase these rods in action – a partnership between our brand and a skilled artisan from Indonesia, bringing you the finest in micro fishing gear. Embrace the extreme sensitivity and unmatched flexibility of these rods, designed to give you an adrenaline rush with every catch, no matter the size.

The rod blank, virtually unbreakable, gracefully bends over itself time and time again, ensuring durability and reliability on your fishing expeditions. Immerse yourself in a sensation like no other in the world of fishing, courtesy of these exceptional rods.

While these rods aren't specifically tailored for casting, they come equipped with line guides, allowing you to cast with the hand spool up to 15-20 feet with minimal weight (1/64-1/32oz). Add more weight for increased casting distance, and let the adventure unfold.

Behind these rods lies a story rooted in the micro fishing capital of the world – Indonesia. Micro fishing tournaments thrive in this region, comparable if not surpassing the scale of our own Bass fishing tournaments. Our collaboration with a humble and knowledgeable individual from Indonesia brings forth a unique opportunity to share the traditional Indonesian fishing method with the United States.

Join us in this cultural exchange of angling techniques, as we bring the spirit of Indonesian micro fishing to your hands. Experience the thrill, tradition, and craftsmanship with our handcrafted micro fishing rods – a bridge between continents, united by the love of the sport.


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