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Micro Cheb Sinkers - Cheburashka

Micro Cheb Sinkers - Cheburashka

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Introducing our Micro Cheburashka Tungsten Sinkers – Your Secret Weapon for Ultra-Finesse Fishing:

- Crafted in 1/32oz and 1/64oz sizes, our sinkers are designed to make your bait stand up on the bottom, ensuring maximum visibility and enticing strikes.
- With these sinkers, your bait enjoys unparalleled freedom of movement, mimicking natural prey and enticing even the most cautious fish.
- Each pack contains 8 sinkers, they pair perfectly with our Micro EWG Hooks for seamless integration into your finesse fishing arsenal.

The Cheburashka rig offers several benefits for anglers, especially in finesse and bottom fishing scenarios. Here are some key advantages:

-Versatility: The Cheburashka rig is highly versatile and can be used in various fishing environments, from freshwater to saltwater. It's effective for targeting a wide range of species.

-Bottom Presentation: One of the primary benefits is its ability to present the bait or lure right above the bottom. This is particularly advantageous for enticing bottom-dwelling fish species that feed close to the substrate.

-Stand-Up Action: The design of the Cheburashka sinker allows the bait to stand upright on the bottom. This natural presentation can trigger more bites from curious or cautious fish.

-Free Movement: The rig provides the bait with a degree of freedom, allowing it to move naturally in the water. This can be appealing to fish as it mimics the behavior of live prey.

-Tungsten Weight Advantage: Cheburashka sinkers are often made of tungsten, providing a more compact and dense weight compared to lead. This allows for a more sensitive feel of the bottom structure and enhances sensitivity to subtle bites.

-Ease of Use: Setting up a Cheburashka rig is straightforward. Anglers can easily adjust the sinker weight and swap out the bait or lure, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced anglers.

-Reduced Snagging: The rig's design helps reduce the likelihood of snagging on the bottom or in underwater structures, making it an effective choice in areas with potential obstacles.

-Pairs Well with Soft Plastics: The Cheburashka rig complements soft plastic baits exceptionally well. It allows these baits to exhibit lifelike movements, making them more attractive to predatory fish.

In summary, the Cheburashka rig is a valuable tool for anglers seeking a versatile and effective method for presenting baits close to the bottom while allowing for natural movement.

Customer Reviews

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Marcus Bennett

Very happy with how the sinker allows the bait to still have alot of movement. So far with the size 8 ewg and the sinker paired with the helgramite ive caught 4 fish and had many on without changing my bait.


So I’m using this kind of like a Carolina rig

Good stuff

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