The "Critter Getter" Wood w/ Rubber Landing Net

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      ♦ Length: 14" Including Handle, 9" Net Opening

      ♦ Net Width: 7"

      ♦ Net Depth 9"


Y’all ready to fish like a mountain legend? Introducing the Critter Getter, the burl wood black rubber landing net that's so effective, even the fish start gossiping about it in the holler. Crafted from genuine Appalachian burl wood, this net combines rugged charm with the sneaky strength of black rubber – perfect for nabbing anything that swims by, be it a trophy trout or that pesky ol’ boot Ol' Man Jenkins swears is a river monster.


  • Burl Wood Handle: Hand-carved by moonshine-fueled artisans, each handle is unique – just like Uncle Cletus's tall tales.
  • Black Rubber Netting: Soft on fish but tough as Granny’s grits. Keeps your catch snug and your conscience clear.
  • Critter Control: Specially designed to minimize flippin’ and floppin’. That fish ain't goin' nowhere once it's in the Critter Getter.
  • Mountain Tough: Built to withstand the wildest of Appalachian adventures, from creek crawlin' to holler hoppin’.

Perfect For:

  • Fishin’ Frolics: Whether you’re after bass, trout, or catfish, this net’s got your back.
  • Tall Tale Trophies: Show off your catches and make those fish stories even more believable.
  • Mountain Memories: Create fishin' memories with a net that’s as unique as your favorite fishin' spot.


Use of the Critter Getter may lead to excessive bragging, spontaneous story-telling, and sudden urges to holler "Yeehaw!" at inappropriate times.

So grab your Critter Getter, head to your secret fishin’ hole, and get ready to reel in the legends. The fish don’t stand a chance, and neither do the skeptics. Happy fishing, y’all!

Customer Reviews

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CJ Moore
Critter Getter Net

Amazing net. Great craftsmanship and excellent size for creek fishing.