The "Ditch Dabbler" Tackle Tray

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Baits and hooks NOT included. This is the box ONLY

Introducing the Ditch Dabbler, a rugged companion for every angler who hears the call of the mountain streams and hidden hollows. Crafted with the spirit of the Appalachians, this 5.5"x3.8" Flat Tackle Tray is more than just a vessel for your gear; it's a testament to the wild, untamed beauty of the land.

With 12 small magnetized pockets, the Ditch Dabbler keeps your hooks, flies, and lures securely in place, ready for action at a moment's notice. No more fumbling through a jumbled mess of tackle—each piece finds its spot with ease, thanks to the magnetic magic within.

But the Ditch Dabbler doesn't just organize your gear; it protects it, too. With a water-tight rubber seal, it keeps moisture at bay, ensuring your flies stay dry and your hooks rust-free, even when the misty mountain rains roll in.

Whether you're casting for trout in a babbling brook or angling for bass in a hidden cove, the Ditch Dabbler is your trusted companion, ready to explore the winding waterways and secret fishing spots of the Appalachian wilderness. So grab your rod, pack your tackle, and let the adventure begin with the Ditch Dabbler by your side.


While our magnetized trays are designed to securely hold ferrous metals, such as iron and steel, it's important to note that they may not be fully effective in securing non-ferrous metals, including tungsten and other less magnetic materials. While these trays can provide some degree of magnetic attraction, the strength may vary depending on the composition and magnetism of the materials being used.