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Creek Life Lure Co.

The Double Sided "Fishin' Fixins' Box" (BOX ONLY)

The Double Sided "Fishin' Fixins' Box" (BOX ONLY)

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Baits and hooks NOT included. This is the box ONLY

Length: 8" Inches
Width: 5.5" Inches
Thickness: 2"

You can fit anywhere from 15-25+ baits in each pocket depending on bait size.

Introducin' the Fishin' Fixins' Box, y'all! This here double-sided tackle caddy is as handy as a pocket on a shirt! One side's for your hooks, flies, and all them fancy bits. T'other side's for your sinkers, bobbers, and other whatnots. Keeps your gear as organized as a fox in a henhouse! Perfect for wranglin' them trout in the cricks and creeks of these here mountains.GetYerself one today and get ready to reel 'em in with style!

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Williams
Perfect creek and riverside companion.

I’ve collected over a dozen different boxes intended for a one and done creek/river fishing storage solution. All of which have fallen short in one aspect or another. I had given up hope and stopped searching. Then I found this Double sided offering from Creek Life Lure Co. It’s perfect. Build quality in regard to fit and finish flawless. Hinges, latches, dividers, clasps… lid fitment… clear that lots of attention went into the design. Love it!!

Josh Johnson
Just what I needed

Bought two to throw in my bag and wasn’t let down. One has all my plastics and jigs, the other has flies and some small spoons and rooster tails. Everything I need in two simple boxes to have a great day in the creeks

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