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Creek Life Lure Co.

Hand Crafted Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Hybrid Spinning/Casting Rod "The Hickory Twig"

Hand Crafted Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Hybrid Spinning/Casting Rod "The Hickory Twig"

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What you get:

   •  4' Foot hand tapered and designed Carbon Fiber Rod

   • 1' Hand carved wood handle

Introducing our exclusive handcrafted ultralight carbon fiber fishing rods, a testament to the artistry and tradition of Indonesian fishing. Each rod, meticulously crafted in a small fishing village by a long time friend of ours, comes with a 4-foot carbon fiber rod, a 1-foot wooden handle handmade with care and equipped with a reel seat.

A two-piece rod with a detachable handle makes this rod a "Hybrid" that can be used with both spinning and bait casting reels. Its three-piece design ensures it is easy to store when hiking to those hard-to-reach creeks.

A partnership between our brand and a skilled artisan and long time friend from Indonesia named Jianweii Fishing and Linke Handmade, brings you the finest in fishing gear. Embrace the extreme sensitivity of these rods, designed to give you an adrenaline rush with every catch, no matter the size.

Behind these rods lies a story rooted in the micro fishing capital of the world – Indonesia. Micro fishing tournaments thrive in this region, comparable if not surpassing the scale of our own Bass fishing tournaments. Our collaboration with a humble and knowledgeable individual from Indonesia brings forth a unique opportunity to share the traditional Indonesian fishing method with the United States.

Join us in this cultural exchange of angling techniques, as we bring the spirit of Indonesian fishing to your hands. Experience the thrill, tradition, and craftsmanship with our handcrafted fishing rods – a bridge between continents, united by the love of the sport.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Bradley
The Hickory Twig- satisfying & Ultra-sensitive!

I have been in the market for a short ultralight rod for quite some time. My very first ultralight rod was one I’d purchased from Japan, but unfortunately it broke and since been discontinued. As I searched, I found out Creek Life Lure Co was selling just the kind of rod I was looking for. The rod was scheduled to arrive the day after it shipped, however USPS held it late In Charlotte for nearly a week, building the suspense and anticipation for a quality multi species trip. Once it arrived, I eagerly unwrapped the packaging, which was securely taped inside a rod tube. My wife was in front of me and could see my huge smile and once I glimpsed the wooden grip, I was lost for words. The rod is gorgeous. I played with it around the house all night afterwards and the next several days as I had to work. This weekend came and I woke up at the crack of dawn to really test this rod against some post-spawning Redbreast Sunfish. Attached was a 1/16 oz tungsten jig and Creek Life Lure CO’s Micro Stonefly in the Longear color. In just one morning, I caught 42 Redbreast Sunfish, 8 Bluegills, and 4 juvenile Largemouth Bass. This rod is an absolute joy to fish. It’s now my favorite rod and I will be keeping it in the car for any and all fishing trips. I can’t recommend it more!

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