1.4" Inch Micro Fluke "The Ditch Stick"

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Introducing the Ditch Stick: Your Ultimate 1.4-inch Soft Plastic Minnow Bait for Unmatched Fishing Success!

At 1.4 inches, these minnow baits are the ideal snack for a variety of fish species. Each pack contains 8 meticulously crafted Ditch Sticks, ensuring you're well-equipped for a successful fishing adventure.

Engineered from a premium floating plastic, the Ditch Stick boasts exceptional durability. Its buoyant design adds an enticing and realistic action in the water, making it irresistible to curious fish.

Whether you're targeting bass, trout, or panfish, the Ditch Stick's lifelike swimming motion and realistic minnow profile make it a versatile and highly effective addition to your tackle box.

Hook Pairing Recommendations:

These pair great with size 10-12 Creek Life Tungsten Bead Jig Heads or Creek Life EWG Hooks for weedless rigging!

 Appalachian Backstory

Deep in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, where the mist dances through the ancient trees and the streams murmur secrets known only to nature, there exists a legendary artifact known as the "Ditch Stick." This magical stick, carved from the wood of a mystical tree that only grows in the most secluded valleys, possesses the power to guide fishermen to the elusive trophy brook trout.

As the tale goes, the Ditch Stick reveals itself to those who demonstrate a pure love for the art of fishing and a deep respect for the mountain streams. Once in possession of the stick, a fisherman can feel its energy resonate with the heartbeat of the forest. When the time is right, the stick begins to vibrate, subtly pulling the angler toward the hidden havens where the majestic brook trout lurk.

Legend has it that those who follow the guidance of the Ditch Stick are rewarded with encounters with the largest and most vibrant brook trout, their scales shimmering like the jewels of the earth. The stick, a conduit between the spirit of the mountains and the angler's soul, ensures a sacred connection between man and nature, and the bond forged is said to last a lifetime.

To this day, seasoned anglers pass down stories of the Ditch Stick to the next generation, emphasizing the importance of humility, patience, and a sincere appreciation for the untamed beauty of the Appalachian wilderness.