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Creek Life Lure Co.

1.7" Inch Micro Frog "The Creek Croaker"

1.7" Inch Micro Frog "The Creek Croaker"

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Introducing the Creek Croaker, a game-changer in frog fishing! Our 1.7-inch soft plastic frogs are designed to lure in the big ones. Packed with realism and crafted from durable floating plastic, these frogs are a must-have for your tackle box.

The Creek Croaker mimics the natural movements of a frog, enticing even the most discerning fish.

Engineered for longevity, our frogs are made from a high-quality floating plastic that keeps them buoyant and irresistibly tempting.

Each purchase brings you a set of 6 Creek Croakers, ensuring you're well-equipped for a successful day on the water. Upgrade your frog game and hook your next trophy with Creek Croaker!

Hook Pairing Recommendations:

These pair great with size 8-10 Creek Life Tungsten Bead Jig Heads or Creek Life EWG Hooks for weedless rigging!

Appalachian Backstory:

In the heart of the Appalachian mountains, there lived a mysterious man known as the Creek Croaker. He was a recluse, rarely seen in town, and when he was, he had an odd habit that baffled the locals. The Creek Croaker would whistle like a frog, a sound so realistic that it echoed through the valleys and made the forest come alive with curiosity. No one knew why he made these peculiar sounds, but it was said that he always emerged from the woods with a bucket overflowing with fresh fish, as if the forest had whispered its secrets to him.

One fateful day, the news of the Creek Croaker's passing spread like wildfire through the close-knit Appalachian community. People gossiped about his strange ways, but it was clear that his passing had left a void in their lives. The coroner was dispatched to his remote cabin to determine the cause of death and to arrange for a proper burial.

As the coroner's car approached the cabin, an eerie, haunting whistling filled the air, sending shivers down his spine. It was as though the very forest mourned the loss of the Creek Croaker. He approached the door cautiously and, with trepidation, turned the rusty knob.

To his astonishment, when he stepped inside, he was met with a sight that defied all logic. The cabin was teeming with thousands of frogs, each perched on tables, chairs, and even the floor. They were all croaking in unison, their voices creating a symphony of amphibian melodies that was both enchanting and surreal.

The coroner could hardly believe his eyes. He wondered if the Creek Croaker had been living amongst these creatures, communicating with them in a way only he could understand. It was a secret that had remained hidden from the world.

In the end, the coroner carefully conducted his examination of the Creek Croaker's remains and made the necessary arrangements for his burial. But the legend of the Creek Croaker and his mysterious, frog-like whistling lived on in the hearts of the Appalachian folk. They knew that sometimes, the deepest connections with the wild and the unexplained could only be found in the most unexpected places, and that nature, in all its mysterious ways, held secrets that we may never fully comprehend.

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