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Jar of 1.4" Inch Micro Stonefly "The Appalachian Stoner"

Jar of 1.4" Inch Micro Stonefly "The Appalachian Stoner"

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Introducing the "Appalachian Stoner" – a game-changer for creek anglers! Our 1.4-inch soft plastic stonefly larvae, meticulously crafted for the ultimate creek finesse. In each pack of 8, these durable, floating wonders bring creek fishing to life. Key features include:

The Appalachian Stoner replicates the authentic appearance of stonefly larvae, enticing even the most discerning creek dwellers.

Made from a resilient floating plastic, these lures endure the rigors of creek fishing, ensuring prolonged use and heightened visibility on the water.

Whether you're after Bass, Trout, or Panfish, the Appalachian Stoner's versatility makes it a go-to choice for creek anglers of all levels. Elevate your creek fishing experience with this essential addition to your tackle box.

Hook Pairing Recommendations:

These pair great with size 8-12 Creek Life Tungsten Bead Jig Heads or Creek Life EWG Hooks for weedless rigging!

Appalachian Backstory:

In the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, there's an old legend known as "The Appalachian Stoner." This tale tells of a mystical stonefly that glows with an otherworldly light.

Locals say it appears on moonlit nights, dancing above the swift, icy streams. It's believed that anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this radiant insect will be granted a lifetime of wisdom and tranquility.

For generations, the people of the Appalachians have sought out the glow of "The Appalachian Stoner," finding solace in the mysterious light that dances through the night. They say that the stonefly carries the ancient secrets of the mountains in its luminous wings, sharing its wisdom with those who take a moment to reflect in its ethereal presence.

As the legend lives on, "The Appalachian Stoner" remains a symbol of the enduring magic that can be found in the serene, wild heart of the Appalachians.


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All baits arrived as advertised. Very unique colour combinations, not found elsewhere on the market. Can’t wait to fish them!

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