0.5" Inch Micro Maggot Fly Larvae "The Apple Maggot"

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Introducing the "Apple Maggot" – Bite-sized Brilliance for Anglers:

Unleash the power of the half-inch "Apple Maggot," a soft plastic maggot designed for finesse fishing. Perfect for enticing bites from a variety of fish species.

Each pack includes 3 strands, totaling 30 durable and buoyant baits. With the "Apple Maggot," you get a plentiful supply to keep your lines busy.

Crafted from a robust floating plastic, these tiny baits stay suspended in the water, captivating the attention of fish and providing an irresistible presentation.

Hook Pairing Recommendations:

Single 0.5" maggot size 14 or smaller hooks

Multiple maggots pair great with size 12 Creek Life Tungsten Bead Jig Heads

Appalachian Backstory:

In the heart of the Appalachian hills, there was an old tale that stirred both fascination and fear among the locals. It spoke of "The Apple Maggot," a mysterious creature that made its home in the apples that drifted lazily down the creek.

This creature was unlike anything anyone had ever seen, born from the enchantment of the Appalachian woods. It was said to have a shimmering, iridescent body that gleamed like a precious gem. The legends told of how it would emerge from the apples, dancing gracefully on the water's surface, casting a captivating spell on those who dared to watch.

But with its enchanting beauty came a cautionary tale. The Apple Maggot was believed to possess a peculiar power; anyone who gazed upon it for too long would be forever drawn to the creek. Many who had fallen under its spell were said to have abandoned their homes, wandering the forest in search of this elusive creature.

As the legend goes, The Apple Maggot lived a life of both beauty and danger, luring travelers into its world of eternal fascination. It became a symbol of the Appalachian's mysterious charm, where beauty and peril were intertwined in the enchanting lore of the land.